Israel: The End

Our trip back home started by leaving Jerusalem late evening on our 9th day, actually, it was 1 am the next morning. So, to while a way the time until 1am, Zack and I showed Joe some jump rope. We taught him a lot of tricks and different fun stuff you can do with a jump rope. Joe really liked it and was very good at it even though he had never jumped before.

100_4951xAt 1am we drove from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv to catch our flight to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam we were supposed to catch a flight to San Francisco, but we were delayed and completely missed that flight. We were re-routed to Paris, and then to San Francisco. It was a bit of an adventure getting home but I thought it was cool to get an extra stamp in my pass port!

We were just a little silly from excitement and lack of sleep… (Oh, and I should mention this picture was taken still on the ground in Tel Aviv. At the VERY beginning.)

IMG_1357x 100_4955x

From San Francisco, Zack and I flew to Phoenix, and that’s where Mom, Lydia and Jake met us and we drove 2 hours to get back to Tucson. Over all, it took us 38 hours to get home, and because of the time change it was all on the same day. It didn’t just feel like the longest day ever, it really was!

Here are some pictures of the breakfasts we had at our hotels. The menu always included: salad, vegetables, yogurt, lots of different cheese, pickled herring, tuna salad, eggs, huevos rancheros, chocolate marbled bread, and a few other pastries, delicious home made bread, and gourmet cold cereal (served in large white glass bowls), and toast and jam.


100_4670x 100_4671x



For dinner at the hotels there was always another huge spread of vegetables and salad, a few different meats, egg plant side dishes and other exotic vegetable dishes, home made bread, soup, pasta dishes and dessert.

IMG_1248x IMG_1318x IMG_1069x IMG_1133x IMG_1250x

This juice, whatever it was, tasted so good. It was served at every hotel and every meal. It was orange juice with something else in it too. It made us feel good and comfortable so we named it Comfy Juice. We all got very attached to our Comfy Juice.

IMG_1352xDearest faithful readers of mine, this completes my tales of Israel. I hope these narratives have blessed you in some way, for that was my mission, to share the blessings of Israel.

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Israel: Days 8 & 9

Israel: Day 8

We went to the Vad Yashem museum which is Israel’s official memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. We had to take 3 taxi’s to get our group there as we no longer had Boaz and his awesome van to take us where ever we needed to go. 100_4681x I haven’t any idea what this building is, but I thought it looked very cool, I just had to take a picture of it and include it in this post.

100_4684x Ok, back to the museum:

100_4714x 100_4691xThis ramp lead to the building that had many rooms full of video clips, poster boards, artifacts and old pictures and letters from the holocaust victims. (Zack and Joe are on the right hand side)

100_4697xAfter this picture, no more pictures were allowed in the building. From room to room, the museum told the story of WWII week by week, and in some places day by day. We spent almost 3 hours in there. This part in the history of the world is sobering, heavy, and horrendously horrifying. But let us not forget that it happened, lest we repeat history.

100_4699xThree hours later, we emerged into the open air again with this view before us:

100_4701x IM_1252xAt Vad Yashem they made a “Garden of the Righteous” in memory of all the gentiles who harbored Jews during WWII, planting a tree for every family. I wasn’t able to find the Ten Boom’s tree, but I did find Shindler’s


Schindler’s tree:

100_4710x You can just barely make out that it says “Oskar and Emilie Schindler”

100_4709x They also made a memorial for the half a million children who died in the holocaust. This room was dark, with one candle in the center. The room was covered in mirrors, making it look like you were surrounded by about a half a million candle lights. Overhead, a majestic voice gently spoke the names of the children who died, including their age and home country. It had an emotional, sobering, and powerful effect.

IMG_1256x For lunch we went to the Old City and had pizza at Jacob’s. Here he is, giving Anita a ride.

Anita and Jacobx IMG_1328xThe rest of this day was spent walking around the Old City, shopping, browsing and buying souvenirs, and meeting friends of Carl’s. The hotel we stayed in our last 3 nights was very nice. It was called Ramat Rachel Kibbutz. Every hotel room window had a view of Bethlehem.

100_4736x 100_4735x

Israel: Day 9

We went to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, and also the Bible Lands Museum. The Bible Lands Museum had many facsimile and original ancient scrolls of the Bible. There was a huge model of ancient Jerusalem scaled to the size of a LEGO man. Very Awesome! We slowly walked around the whole model while Carl explained what everything was.

jerusalemmodelx 100_4758x 100_4746x 100_4748x 100_4741x

The Israel Museum had lots of modern Israeli art, ancient art, and artifacts from Bible times and other time periods, as well as some random stuff outside. Huge apple core? Ok. Cool.

100_4764x This structure was great; it made you look tall and skinny!

100_4767x 100_4817x 100_4824x 100_4832x 100_4833x 100_4840x

For lunch we went to Jacob’s Pizza, again. He was quite popular among a few of us, and yes, it was that good! Far better than any pizza I’ve tasted in America. 🙂 I finally took a picture of the sign on Jacob’s cash register. We thought it was adorable. “Every Time you TIP, God Saves a a baby Camel. It’s the Holy Land you know. Nice Smile by the way”


After lunch we went to the Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu. At this church I picked this bougainvillea flower and put it in my Bible. I now have a pressed flower souvenir from Jerusalem in my Bible. If you’d like to see it, ask me sometime.


This church, St. Peter in Gallicantu, is the place most believe where Peter denied Jesus three times before the rooster crowed.

100_4857x 100_4858x 100_4864x

Many people believe that Jesus was imprisoned in this underground crypt after his arrest. Carl lead a Bible study in the pit, reading from Psalm 88.

100_4886x 100_4890x 100_4891x

The last stop for our entire trip was the Garden Tomb.


Can you spot the “fail” in this picture? This was near the entrance to the Garden Tomb.


This was my very favorite stop. The best was definitely saved for the last. The Garden Tomb is a more recent place it is believed that Jesus was buried (within the last century). A docent lead us around the garden and told us about the Place of the Skull, and how the tomb was first found.


It was a beautiful, lush garden. Very pleasing to the eye, giving you a peaceful feeling.

100_4904x 100_4905x

Our lovely ladies, Anita and Barbara:


The docent is showing us how the rocky hill behind him looks like a skull.


Can you make out the skull, right behind Carl?


This is the doorway to the tomb Jesus was laid in.

100_4929x tombx

Probably the best eight words spoken in history:


After we visited the tomb, we were led to an arbor where we had a precious time of worshiping our Risen Lord and Savoir. Pastor Carl then led us in a Bible study from John 19-20.

100_4942x 100_4943x 100_4945x In this lovely arbor we then had communion, remembering that Jesus Christ died for us on the cross, and has risen, offering to us eternal life. Dear friend, have you accepted this free gift of salvation? If you have not, I pray that you will read the Bible, and consider what God says about Himself, His Son, and what He says about you. Then carefully weigh in your mind what you must do about it. Your decision could change your life forever.

Late evening on our 9th day in Israel, we left our hotel in Jerusalem to drive to the Tel Aviv international airport. So, my faithful reader, this post brings us to the end of my Israel trip. But wait, I will post one more telling of our (adventurous!) journey back home, and I’ll also include a few pictures of Israeli food. Yum!


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Israel: Day 7

We went to the Temple Mount. This is a Muslim shrine:

100_4421x Mary and I bought these matching shirts in Jaffa Street the night before:

20130815_080144x IMG_1145x group_templeMtshrinex 100_4402xBoaz explained some history to us, and Carl gave us a Bible teaching using the Bible app on his phone as Bibles are not allowed on Temple Mount.

100_4405x 100_4410xgroup_templeMtx It is believed that this is where the ark of the covenant was kept when the Jewish Temple was here that King Solomon built.

100_4423x 100_4424x Next we went to the Western Wall. I took this first picture walking up the ramp to get to the Temple Mount.

100_4395x 100_4436x Here are the four men of our group, standing with the Western Wall behind them:

4boysatwesternwallx Boaz took this picture of our whole group:

group_westernwallx Next we went to the southern steps of the temple. Boaz and Carl each gave us small talks about it. We learned that the stairs were made uneven to require you to walk slowly up the steps. Instead of rushing up to the temple, you had to make your way slowly, thinking about God.

100_4467x 100_4462x 100_4465x 100_4474x IMG_1185x100_4455x This is part of the ruins from when the temple was destroyed by the Romans in AD 70:

100_4478x 100_4476x Next we walked through Hezekiah’s tunnel. It was very long (around 1/3 of a mile). It is ankle deep in cold water for most of the way and some places the water reached above my knee.

This tunnel was built by King Hezekiah (from the Bible in Ancient times), dug underneath the City of David in Jerusalem. It was hand chiseled and designed as an aqueduct to provide Jerusalem with water during an impending siege by the Assyrians.

100_4524x 100_4513x 100_4532x 100_4533x This facsimile was the place where the hand chisel/diggers met in the middle.

100_4538x 100_4537x At the end of the tunnel!

100_4542xWe also went to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, which is the traditional place it is believed that Jesus was buried. The church was built by Queen Helena in the 4th century.

100_4582x 100_4585x Church of the holy sepulchurexThe end of this day was sad as it was our last day with Boaz and we had to say good bye to him. He was our excellent driver, amazing tour guide, and good friend.

carl&boazxIn the evening, after dinner, we went to Jaffa Street again and also to Ben Yahuda Street for shopping and to enjoy the night and music with Israeli families.

100_4637x 100_4644x 100_4639x 100_4356x This next entertainer… wow.

100_4659x 100_4666x This ends Day 7.

Coming up next: Art/ancient artifact museum, Yad Vashem museum, and the Garden Tomb.

God bless you!

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Israel: Day 6


Early in the morning four hikers left their nice hotel rooms and cozy beds to hike up Masada.

100_4198x 100_4199x 100_4210x

I took the following picture when about half way up:


And this one when at the top:


It was a steep hike with lots of stairs, and very hot, even for 6:30 in the morning, but we had a lot of fun and the view was amazing the whole way up. We made it to the top in about 45 minutes.


The rest of our group took a cable car and met us at the top. Boaz told us the story of Masada and gave us a tour all around the top.

100_4233x 100_4249x 100_4239x

In the synagogue on Masada there was a scribe hard at work. When he saw us taking pictures of him, he turned and looked up at us. Very cool.

synagoguex 100_4241x scribemasadax 100_4245x

After our tour of Masada was complete, we all took a cable car down the mountain.


Next we drove to, Ahava, the factory of dead sea mineral products.


On the way to the factory, we saw an ibex. Boaz quickly pulled the van off to the side of the road for us to take pictures of it and admire it. Count the rings on his horns to find out how old he is.


In the factory we learned about all the dead sea mineral products, creams, lotions, moisturizers, different creams for different aged skin, oily skin, dry skin, etc.

100_4307x 100_4297x


The four of us in the back seat of the van sometimes enjoyed each others company a little too much and we could get pretty silly. We were told to “shush” not a few times. This is the nice picture:


Ah- Mary and I didn’t quite get the memo that this was the “cool look” picture.


We went to Ein Gedi next. I didn’t have my camera with me for this stop so I am borrowing these pictures from some one else in our group. We had a Bible study time here before we went to the pools. In the Bible, King Saul wanted to kill David and tried to do so a few times. 1 Samuel 24 is the story of how David receives an opportunity to kill the king, but he says, the Lord forbid that I should stretch out my hand against the Lord’s anointed. And David does not kill Saul, but rather cuts off a piece from the hem of Saul’s robe.

We hiked a little ways to a few different pools that were each about 1-2 feet deep. The pools were refreshing, not only to our hot and sweaty bodies, but also to our eyes. In the midst of a desert, waterfalls and green is sweet.

engedix waterfallx

Afterwards, we went to Jerusalem. Our last stop until the end of the trip. These picture were taken on the Mt. of Olives.




We had an uplifting time of worship and Bible study overlooking the view.

100_4320x 100_4327x

We drove a little ways from here, and stopped at the Chapel of Tears. More pretty view. More worship and Bible study. The Chapel of Tears was built in memory of when Jesus (probably over looking this view here) wept over Jerusalem. Luke 19:41.


Mary and I


Katrina and Barbara

katrina barbara chapel of tearsx

That afternoon we checked into our fourth and last hotel of our trip, the Ramat Rachal Kibbutz. Every window in every room in this hotel has the city Bethlehem for a view. After dinner and showers, Mary and I, with Carl, and Christian and Sharona took a bus to Jaffa Road to do some street shopping and to enjoy the evening entertainment with the Israelis.


We went to a bakery/pastry shop and bought a few yummy things.


We also went to Jacob’s Pizza. Jacob is a good friend of Carl’s who loves the Lord. His pizza place is very, very near where Carl and his family lived in the Old City last year, and they became very good friends. We stopped by Jacob’s every day afterwards until the end of our trip. His pizza place is now one of my favorite places in the Old City. It is all brick, inside and out, and smells so delicious, inside and out!


Another long day comes to an end. Blessings from Israel abound. Our Jerusalem adventures have begun…

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Israel: Day 5

We drove to the Golan Heights on Day 5. The Valley of Tears is an area in the Golan Heights named after a major battle in the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Boaz told us a personal story about this war; his father and uncle fought in this battle at the Valley of Tears. He was 6 years old at the time and remembers hiding in a bomb shelter with his mom.

Here is Boaz, our wonderful driver, tour guide, and friend.

100_4032xThe Valley of Tears





One Israeli tank; one Syrian tank.


Joe and Zack


Mary and I


Christian and Sharona


Lizards were quite the attraction for these two boys…

100_4072x 100_4075x

… and sometimes a distraction for the rest of us, too!


Next we went to another place in the Golan Heights over looking into Syria (the view was behind me when I took this picture)


In these pictures the green crops and fields is Israel, the brown beyond is Syria. The “Green Line” of Israel is due to all the agriculture and farming that the Israeli’s do.

100_4112x 100_4114x

100_4101x 100_4098x

Awesome picture, huh?


We went into a gift shop at this place and I bought an iced chocolate/vanilla coffee. It was very refreshing. I’m not that crazy about coffee, but of course, anything iced is amazing on a hot day.

100_4126x IMG_0949x

Opposite the gift shop was this…



… and this:



Driving to our next place I took these pictures out the van window:


Pomegranate trees:


Grape vines:




And my favorite: Banana Trees:


Next we went to the Jordan River, to a small section that is used specifically for baptisms.


On the other side of the bank is the country of Jordan.




Pastor Carl baptized Zack and I and few others in our group. Baptism does not save you, nor make you right with God. Baptism is an outward display of your decision to follow Christ. (I will have to edit this post later with pictures of our baptism once I get them from someone else in our group.) This was another sweet time of worship and Bible teaching.

Last stop: the Dead Sea, or as the Israeli’s call it, the Salt Sea. We played with the muddy sand and rubbed it into our arms and legs, and enjoyed how soft our skin felt after we washed it off. Floating in the Salt Sea was an entertaining and unique experience!

IMG_1037c IMG_1019x

The four “kids” of the trip: Mary, Abbey, Zack, Joe.


That night we stayed in a very nice hotel near Jerusalem. Our hotel room over looked the Dead Sea.

IMG_1053x IMG_1054x IMG_1055x

Pretty mosaic on the floor in the lobby


View from mine and Mary’s room:

IMG_1064xIMG_1060xAt every hotel we stayed in during this trip, Zack and I were not registered as Rasmussen, but rather:


So, this sums up Day 5. Until next time!

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Israel: Days 3 & 4

Bomb shelter work began with running errands to a few stores to buy paint, rollers, scrapers, gloves, etc. and also picking up rakes, squeegees, buckets, paint brushes, more paint, and some other things from storage. We loaded Boaz’s van with our supplies and he drove us and everything we needed to the first bomb shelter.

IMG_0707x IMG_0715x


Here are outside “before” pictures of the bomb shelters:

100_3977x before shelterx

Here are inside “before” pictures:

IMG_0719x IMG_0716x IMG_0721x

Carl explains to us what the plan is for the next two days of work:


This is Christian and Sharona, a very sweet couple with hearts willing to serve the Lord in every way.


Time to work!

The outside crew scraped and painted the outside of the bomb shelter:

sharonax IMG_0744x barbara_paintingx

The inside crew swept and squeegeed the floors, wiped down the bunk beds and painted the walls blue and green.


The lucky-duck tall ones didn’t need step stools 🙂


katrina_zack paintingx

This is Boaz’s son Elijah. Elijah came to work with his dad the first four days of the trip and we all loved having him around. Elijah doesn’t speak English but he wasn’t shy in the slightest. He kept us all entertained and “helped” with our shelter work.

eliah paintingx

Elijah loved Joe and Zack, following them around and wanting to do what they were doing.

eliah joe zackx

This is Anita. She did a good job cleaning the bathrooms in both shelters.



At the end of the first day we were all done with the first shelter except for the painted flowers.

abbey done paintingx

The next morning we finished up the first shelter, then moved to the second shelter.

Flower painting time!

100_3969x100_3967xthree_girls_paintingxkatrina paintingxabbey paintingx

I know I said Elijah entertained us, but Zack and Joe did plenty of their share of the entertaining as well…

IMG_0762x eliahzackjoex

During the day this little Israeli boy hung out with us. He lived in one of the apartments near the second bomb shelter. We had fun interacting with him, as well as with all the other people who came out to see what we were doing. One lady gave us egg and tomato sandwiches. A man who helped us with some electrical problems the shelter was having, invited Mary and I to his house to make coffee for us and to bring back more for the rest of our group.

IMG_0865x IMG_0868x

Here are some “after” pictures of inside and out:

100_3971x 100_3994x 100_3990x 100_3975x

after shelterx

This picture was taken the next day, which explains why we aren’t dirty and covered in paint. 🙂


At the end of our first day of bomb shelter work we went to Caesarea Philippi. We had more history lessons from Boaz, worship led by Joe, and a Bible study led by Carl from Matthew 16:13-19.


IMG_0788x IMG_0784x IMG_0786x

groupcaesareaphilippix zackabbeycaesareaphilippix

After the Bible study we walked around the Hermon Springs River, which is one of the sources of the Jordan river.

100_3932x IMG_0795x

I saw my first cony here. I know some people describe conies as guinea pigs gone bad, but this one at least looked really cute! Psalm 104:18 and Proverbs 30:26 mention conies.

100_3938x 100_3939x

So, there’s the account of another two days of blessings given and received by Zechariah’s Hope.

Comping up next: Floating in the Dead Sea, Jordan River and journey to Jerusalem

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Israel: Day 2

Places to go today:

Sea of Galilee; Old church; Mt. Beatitudes; Capharnaum.

On our way to the Sea of Galilee we caught a turtle on the side of the road. We passed it around the van a little, and then let it go again.


We went on a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. Our boat tour guide looked just like I’ve imagined Jesus’ fisherman disciples looking like:

100_3843x IMG_0551x



Everything about being on the boat was wonderful. The weather was cool and breezy, a nice escape from the heat; imagining Jesus walking on this water, and calming a storm on this water; imagining this sea as the place where many of Jesus’ disciples first met their Lord and Savoir; a time for worshiping Jesus as our Lord and Savior; and a time for Bible study. Carl’s assistant pastor, Christian, brought us the Bible study this time.

IMG_0565x 100_3849x

This is Katrina and her mother-in-law Barbara. I enjoyed getting to know these two precious ladies very much.

Katrina Barbara boatx

Uncle Carl and his son Joe


My brother and I (in case you needed to be reminded!)


The whole group minus Carl


We watched a short video clip of how a few modern day fisherman found an ancient fishing boat that dates back to the time when Jesus walked on the earth. The video explained how the archaeologist preserved the boat as they worked on uncovering it, being careful not to let it disintegrate in their fingers as it was exposed to the air for the first time in two thousand years. Of course, no one knows if Jesus actually was ever in this particular boat, but we do know that it is identical to the boats that Jesus and his disciples used.


After the Sea of Galilee we went to a church that had ancient tiled floors that looked like mosaics. Boaz gave us some history talks about this church. It was a holy site, requiring modest clothing: knees and shoulders covered.

100_3907x 100_3897x IMG_0589x



For lunch we stopped somewhere for Shawarma… yum!


Then we traveled onto Mt. Beatitudes, the mountain where Jesus preached the sermon on the mount. This church was built a long time ago in memory of Jesus’ sermon here. Pastor Carl gave us a Bible study lesson from Matthew 5, and then we walked around the beautiful grounds taking pictures. Somewhere on this hill side, over looking the Sea of Galilee, was where Jesus preached, “Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filed…

100_3890x 100_3876x 100_3873x 100_3870x


100_3878x 100_3877x

The last stop for the day was Capharnaum, the town of Jesus. Here we saw Peter’s house that is currently being uncovered and worked on by archaeologists.

100_3910x IMG_0604x

100_3912x 100_3913x

At this same place we also saw the synagogue that Jesus preached in, though it had been re-built in the 3rd century. History lessons from Boaz:

IMG_0613x IMG_0633x

We also had another time of worship and Bible study. Uncle Carl preached from Matthew 9 where Jesus healed a man with leprosy in His own city, Capharnaum. So many blessings come from the Word of God. I treasured each and everyone of these Bible studies.


Once we arrived back at the Tel Hai Youth Hostel, Zack, Joe, Mary and I cleaned up after our long day of touring and put on our Zechariah’s Hope (Z | H) shirts. We then jogged about a mile away to an awesome park and played with the little Israeli children.

IMG_0658x IMG_0659x IMG_0665x

That’s all for now, folks. Days 3-4 consist of bomb shelter work… the best part of the whole trip by far!

Edited later: Go to Israel: Days 3-4

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Israel: Day 1

On the morning of the first day we checked out of our hotel in Netanya and loaded the van with our luggage. We first went to Caesarea where Boaz gave us a history lesson of Herod and the theater we were sitting at. Then Carl’s son, Joseph, lead our group in a time of worship. Afterwards Carl gave a Bible teaching from Acts 21-26 where it tells of when Paul was in Caesarea, exactly where we were.

This theater is a semi circle, different from an amphitheater that is a full circle. Most of these steps and seats had been reconstructed, though they left a small portion of steps that were original.




After this, we walked a short ways to a site that had only recently been uncovered by archaeologists. It was of the palace Herod the Great built on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea complete with a pool that had originally been filled with fresh water carried in by the aqueducts, but now is full of salt water. Boaz gave us more history lessons on all of this and showed us a place where we could look for broken pieces of pottery and sea shells. Zack loves archaeology stuff and found many pieces of pottery with broken handles and rims of pots or bowls.

100_3743x IMG_0434x 100_3755x

100_3763x 100_3769x



Zack and Joseph roomed together every night and became good friends, doing everything together and were practically inseparable the whole trip.


This passage from the Bible, Acts 25:11-12, 23 talks of when Paul appealed unto Caesar. Carl read it to us in English from this board, and then Boaz read it in Hebrew.


This is the amphitheater that Herod built; more history lessons from Boaz.


IMG_0475x IMG_0481x

After leaving Caesarea we went to see a portion of the aqueducts built by the Romans


Zack and Joe climbed to the top and walked across the aqueducts a long way


On our way to the next place we stopped for lunch at a restaurant that served falafel. I found I really enjoy and love Israeli food.


Next stop, Mt. Caramel. Here we had more history lessons from tour guide Boaz, worship time lead by cousin Joe, and Bible study lead by Pastor Carl; 1 Kings 18 is the story of when Elijah built an alter to God and the prophets of Baal built an alter to Baal. After all day calling upon their god, Baal never responded to his prophets. Elijah then prays a prayer to the living, One True God, and He answers by sending fire on the alter and consuming Elijah’s sacrifice.

100_3787x 100_3792x 100_3799x 100_3801xAt some point during our history lessons and Bible study on Mt. Caramel, Uncle Carl found a chameleon. Zack loves all things nature and holding this chameleon was the highlight of his day.

100_3798x 100_3797x

That night, and the next three nights, we were at the Tel Hai Youth Hostel and Guest House in Kiryat Shmone in northern Israel. Mary and I unpacked and moved into our room before I could grab a picture. We liked the 5 beds crammed in our little room. We were in room number 210 for four nights.



So, this was “Day 1.” I hope you all enjoyed it. I know I sure did!

Day 2 is coming tomorrow – preview: Sea of Galilee and Mt. Beatitudes.

Edited later: Go to Israel: Day 2

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Israel: The beginning

My brother and I arrived home from Israel late Sunday night and the past few days we’ve spent relaxing with our family and telling stories of all the adventures we had and blessings we received on our trip. And they have been many.

So… let’s start at the beginning… a very good place to start.

Late afternoon on August 6th, Zack and I drove to Phoenix (2 hr drive) with Mom, our brother Jacob, and our cousin Kami. Before we went to the airport we had dinner at one of our favorite places, the Cheese Cake Factory.



Our first flight was to San Francisco where we met up with our Uncle Carl, founder of Zechariah’s Hope, and the group of people who traveled with Z-Hope this trip.

Together, with our group of ten people, we commenced our journey to the Holy Land. We had a lay over in New York where we had dinner together in the airport. This is almost everyone in our group:


We arrived in Tel Aviv late afternoon on August 8th. Boaz, our tour guide (who became our good friend), met us at the airport and took us to our first hotel in his awesome van. Boaz’s company is called Experience Destination Israel, and we each got an EDI shirt. Thanks, Boaz!




Here are a few pictures I took looking out the window of the van:

100_3693x 100_3727x

We spent our first night in Netanya. Our hotel was literally right off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.


This is my good friend Mary. I met her on this trip and we quickly became fast friends. We were room mates every single night. The other people from our group will be introduced in upcoming blog posts.


Looking up our hotel with the Mediterranean Sea behind me:


This is our room:


And this is the view looking out our window:


The dining room where we had dinner at this hotel (and breakfast the next morning):


After dinner we went swimming in the Mediterranean Sea; the best way to start an awesome trip. It was dark out by then and the water felt so warm and relaxing after two days of traveling.

More stories and pictures coming soon… 🙂

Edited later: Go to Israel: Day 1

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Shalom, my friends,

Sorry, I have not been filling you in on all the details of my trip day by day like I did last summer on my England trip. I’ve had internet access every night in our guest house (hotel) but not exactly enough time to write blog posts. I’ve spent my spare time emailing my mom & dad instead. 🙂

When I get home, I plan on sorting through my pictures and posting a few entries for you all. And boy do I have some pictures. I’ve been clicking away as fast as my camera will let me.

This is Day 4 of our trip. The first two days were spent site seeing, spending time in Bible study and prayer, and listening to our uncle, Pastor Carl, preach wonderful sermons that were relevant to exactly where we were standing. I have been incredibly blessed by spending so much time in God’s Word and seeing the places Jesus lived and walked and talked with His disciples.

Uncle Carl told us to always, at all times, have on hand our Bible, notebook and pencil, camera, and waterbottle. We’ve been to Mt. Caramel, Mt. Beatitudes, Jordan River, boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, Caesarea, and Caesarea Philippi, and many other places. We’ve gone swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, Jordan river and Sea of Galilee.

The next two days we spent cleaning and painting two bomb shelters. We’ve been learning a few new words in Hebrew every day from the young son of our driver and tour guide. Elijah doesn’t know much English but he sure does keep us laughing with his silly antics and clever ways of communicating with us.

It has also been a wonderful blessing getting to know the 8 other people in our group. It is always a good thing to meet others who share a love for our dear Lord and Savior. I’d post a picture or two but my lap top is about to die and I have no way of charging it… So, I say good bye, or shalom, to you all until I come back to the States next week.

Blessings from Israel,


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