Ever since I was young, I have enjoyed writing stories. Recently I wrote my first “novel” under the pen name: Polly Pepper. My sister gave me the original idea for this story and helped me brainstorm in the beginning.  The main characters in the book is our family, though we all have different names and we are all about 10 years older than we are now. The book is called The Incident at the House on Spanish Trail.

Short Snyopsis

This book is about three young adult siblings, thousands of illegal plants, a suspicious lawyer, and a secret agent who solves the mystery.

I am currently posting this book two chapters at a time every Saturday. Subscribe to my blog and you won’t miss one installment.

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  2. Grace Norton says:

    Hey abbey I have read your book and I absolutely love it! You and Emily did a really good job this book was filled with agents and mystery and dective work it was really great and I bet you could get it published:) (I know I would buy it)

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