A Birthday Cowgirl

Emily’s first presents early in the morning were cowboy boots, the hat and the dress. Mom made Molly and Hope’s dresses and vests.

Dad and Mom took Emily out to breakfast. It’s a birthday tradition we have for Mom and Dad to go out to breakfast with the birthday child. This time they also took Hope with them. The rest of us cleaned up the house and decorated it for the party.

As soon as Emily walked in the door from breakfast, we gave her a shoe box and told her to sit down and open it right away. The present was trying to jump out! Emily was surprised to see a black and white kitten in the box.

My brother, Steven also got a kitten. He named it Whiskers.

My brother Zack made this LEGO I spy table for Emily.

This is another one of our birthday traditions. Everyone likes to sit around the table and tell people to find unique things in the set up.

Emily likes her new sherbet orange converse.

Grandma Roome made Emily’s doll a cowgirl outfit. Her doll’s name is Lucy.

Now Emily and Lucy can be matching, even to the cowboy boots.

Lydia made Emily an “Exer-skirt.” It is a knee length skirt made out of swim suit/spandex material with leggings attached underneath at the waist band. We wear them for jogging, riding bikes, swimming, etc. They are super comfortable.

I made Emily a doll dress, gave her a white piggy bank, and seed beads. Emily loves beading and makes very beautiful bracelets.

The boys gave her this LEGO set. Emily loves LEGO’s like her brothers do.

Lydia made roast chicken for Emily’s birthday lunch.

For dessert we had whipped cream, black berries, raspberries and homemade chocolate candies.

Happy 13th Birthday, Emily!!


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4 Responses to A Birthday Cowgirl

  1. lois says:

    Happy birthday Emily. I can’t believe you’re so big already. I love looking at all the pictures. Hope and Molly are so cute. What a great birthday you had.

  2. Susie Rasmussen says:

    A very wonderful day indeed! We hope we blessed Emily on her birthday, cuz we sure love her!

  3. Carol Newhouse says:

    Happy Birthday, Emily!

  4. Ardyth Rasmussen says:

    A Belated Happy Birthday, Emily! You all look so cute in your cowgirl outfits and the food looks yummy. What a grand party it must have been.

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