Big Girl Beds in a “Little Girl Room”

Two days ago my mom packed away Hope’s crib and Molly’s crib size bed, because now they are ready for big girl beds. My brothers put together an old bunk bed set that Lydia and I first got when we were 5 and 7 years old. Because Molly and Hope are still only 2 and 4, we have the beds un-stacked.

Emily usually sleeps in the “Big Girl Room” with Lydia and I. She doesn’t like sleeping alone, so while we are in England for the next three weeks, Emily will be sleeping in one of the twin size beds in the “Little Girl Room” with Molly and Hope.

Interesting fact: Emily has 4 sisters. Two of them are 10 and 8 years older than her and the other two are 10 and 8 years younger than her, respectively.

Molly and Hope will be sharing one bed so that Emily can have the other one. The little girls love looking at books before going to sleep.

The three littlest girls in our family.

On another note: Lydia and I leave for England tomorrow! We are driving to Phoenix (with our whole family) in the morning. From Phoenix we fly to Dallas; then Dallas to London.

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5 Responses to Big Girl Beds in a “Little Girl Room”

  1. lois says:

    Wow, England! !! How exciting. Is it just you and Lydia? What will you be doing?

    • Abbey says:

      Yes, just Lydia and I are going to England. We’re staying with our cousins’ grandparents who live in Chelmsford, about an hour from London. I’ll be taking lots of pictures and I’ll definitely post them here after I get back if I can’t blog while there. We are super excited!
      I better get to packing…

  2. Ardyth Rasmussen says:

    I enjoy all of your blogs so much! Thanks for including me. Have a safe and wonderful vacation in England.
    Love, Ardyth

  3. Faith says:

    So adorable. I bet they are really enjoying their beds (& having Emily in their room).
    Have a great time in England!!

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