School and family

Here’s a quick update from a teacher in training:

I’m now a senior at the U of A, half way done with this semester. I have 5 classes: physical chemistry, biochemistry, plant biochemistry, chemistry discoveries in the classroom, and classroom management. I have an internship this semester with a local high school. I was assigned to the chemistry teacher there, Mrs. Wolpa, and I visit her 5th period class every day. This past week, and this next week I am teaching her 5th period class using lessons I planned and were approved by Mrs. Wolpa. This has been a nerve racking, but great experience for me. I love all the kids in this class. Here is the empty classroom before the bell rang:


This is technically my last semester with a regular load of classes, as next semester I will be full time student teaching. So, I will have a “teacher” schedule rather than a “student” schedule. I already know where I am student teaching, at a local middle school, with the GATE science teacher. I am super excited to be working with 7th and 8th graders!

My boyfriend, Jacob, encourages me in my studies and is excited for me to become a teacher. He constantly tells my how proud of me he is. I feel very blessed he is in my life.

img_3644-2My Mom took these next few pictures at my sister’s birthday party:

emily3 emily2 emily
This past weekend I went on a mini vacation with Jacob and his family. We went to Sea World in San Diego and had a great time!

img_3808 img_3794-2 img_3761I found this accident picture on my phone. I like it 🙂

So, that’s a peep into my life, and now I better get back to homework!

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6 Responses to School and family

  1. Rebecca Jones says:

    Abbey, you are amazing! It is so encouraging to see you using the gifts the Lord has given you! Looks like Jacob is a great guy. So happy for you!!! 😀

    • Abbey says:

      Thank you, Rebecca! I enjoy seeing your pictures on facebook 🙂
      Jacob is a great guy, I hope you can meet him someday.

  2. Natalie says:

    We are proud of you and excited for you Abbey!!

  3. Susan Rasmussen says:

    So Awesome Abbey!! We are so proud of you!!

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