Happy Easter!

Hello everyone!

I have something to share with you all that I am very excited about. One year ago, Easter 2016, I was confirmed into the Catholic Church. Yes, you read that right! I am a Catholic. Ever since then, it has continued to be the best decision I have made in my entire life. I love being Catholic. My faith in Jesus Christ has been strengthened like never before through this journey.

If you’d like to read more about my spiritual journey, you can go to the blog I created just for that purpose, called Grace.

I hope you all have a blessed Easter, rejoicing because Christ is Risen!

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2 Responses to Happy Easter!

  1. Susan Rasmussen says:

    Beautiful Abbey, God is good and gracious and I love seeing Him work in your life.

  2. Marilyn Marie Wolk says:

    This is wonderful, Abbey. Your Uncle Jim and I were confirmed in 2011. I don’t want to say much on-line but this is great news. Can you send me an email to let me know what led you to your decision to go through RCIA?

    Love, Aunt Mickey

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