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One evening this past week my parents had some busy work to do with their finances so my siblings and I decided we’d serve them dinner in their room.  That way they were able to get their work done in peace and quiet.

My brothers and sisters and I pretended we opened up a restaurant. It’s called Rasmussen Ranch Cafe (or R & R Cafe). My sister, Lydia,  set and decorated the table where she sat our first customers. Then my brother, Steven, acted as waiter and took their order for drinks. Lydia, Emily and I made gourmet salads that were brought to them by our waiter.

After that, Lydia made the main dish, spaghetti, while I set to work on dessert.  In the meantime, my brothers Zack and Jake kept the baby girls, Molly and Hope, occupied until dinner could be served to them. Once the main course was served to our customers, the restaurant works sat down to eat.  Every few minutes I sent a little waiter or waitress to ask our customers, “How is everything tasting this evening?” or “Is there anything else I can get for you?” Even little Molly (3) helped bring bread and butter to our customers.

Once the dinner dishes were cleared, we served dessert, homemade vanilla ice cream with “summer cookies” (cookie dough). The kids who hadn’t had the chance to serve something yet were eager for the chance now, and our customers were delivered the last course.

Throughout the whole evening all of us kept saying we loved doing this and that we wanted to do it again. Our parents enjoyed the evening as well, and I can assure you that R & R Cafe will be open again in the near future.

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5 Responses to R & R Cafe

  1. Nana Norton says:

    What a good idea for England!!!!
    Your Mom and Dad are so fortunate (and I know that they know this) to have such wonderful kids whom God and they love.

  2. Susan Rasmussen says:

    It was an absolutely wonderful evening! Better than going out to Texas Roadhouse, much more peaceful and way better service! I can’t wait to have dinner at the R & R again!

  3. Carol Newhouse says:

    What fun…and what lucky parents…or should I say blessed?

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