Double Dutch Throw Down

IMG_0592xSunglasses. Serious looks. Gray shoes. Patriotic ropes. What are we??

We have no idea. Seriously, we don’t!

It was our attempt at being creative.

The Double Dutch Throw Down, never before been done, was held in the Ballroom at The Westin Long Beach.

IMG_2132xThis event had far fewer rules than regular competition and encouraged creativity.

The four judges were jumpers in their late twenties who used to jump together competitively and who all have quite a few Nationals ribbons and trophies at home. We have made friends with a couple of them and it was fun to see the four of them still loving the sport of jump rope and making the Double Dutch Throw Down exciting.

(You can kind of see the judges sitting at the table in the center of the pic)


All afternoon Lydia, Christopher and I practiced our routine. Christopher’s brother Jonathon hung out with us and my mom all day and watched us practice and the two of them gave us helpful hints and tips with our routine.


Considering regular competition requires smiles and happy looks at the judges, we decided to be “creative” and give serious, straight faced glances at the judges. We inserted a few “serious looks” during the routine that ended up being a hit with the crowd later on at the ballroom.


After all the seriousness, we had to smile for at least one picture… Yes, we were having a very good time!


At The Westin Ballroom, there was a sport court laid out for the competitors to jump on. The judges and music and media people sat at one side and the entire audience circled the sport court. There were five other teams competing. Everyone laughed and cheered and clapped for every group and enjoyed all the creativity and fun. The judges especially had a good time, laughing until they had tears in their eyes over the funny and crazy stuff everyone had come up with.


Jonathon recorded us practicing and also when we did our routine for everyone in the ballroom. He put together this awesome video of the Jumpers in Sunglasses.

At the very end of the event someone requested the judges come out and do something for everyone else. I don’t know how long it had been since they had jumped together, but despite jeans, flip flops and bare-feet the four of them came up with something amazing for us to watch.

Introducing Shane, Lee, Kelsey and Cali:


Hanging out with Jonathon and Christopher the whole day was super fun. Including our hike around Long Beach trying to find something to eat that didn’t require an hour and a half wait. We ended up finding a grocery store and made up our own dinner with lunch meat and crackers!


We’ve always had a blast with you boys, and this was no exception! Miss you!

P.S. Congratulations to Jonathon Wuehler and Abby Baird – Wedding Day: August 9, 2014!!! We are so happy for you two!

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10 Responses to Double Dutch Throw Down

  1. Nate Green says:

    That looked like so much fun!
    Good job guys!
    By the way, did you place?

    • Abbey says:

      Well, if you watched the video to the end you can see the judges held up a card with a number on it. We got a 7 and so did all the other teams, except one team got a 9 and they won the trophy and each jumper in that group won a “gold” beaded jump rope from Lee, and he also gave their group a set of double dutch ropes that were solid gold colored beads. Awesome of Lee to do that! 🙂

  2. Maryann oda says:

    That is so cool, Abbey! I bet it was hard not to smile. You and Lydia are wonderful smilers when you jump.

    Those judges were amazing. I think I need to get Claire and Catherine in gymnastics. Those stunts were so fun to watch.

    • Abbey says:

      Thanks! It was hard not to smile, Chris pulled it off but we couldn’t last the whole routine. 🙂
      Gymnastics is a big part of jump rope. I am aiming to get a lot of gym training this next year 😉

  3. Benj says:

    I did warn you against the black sunglasses thing. Other than that your routine was great.

  4. Benj says:

    Nationals was great but I am really looking forward to next year. We are with you Abbey.

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    Amy Ronneburg

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