Jumpin’ Coast 2 Coast – Part 3

USA Jump Rope Nationals 2014 – Long Beach, California – Part 3

Saturday, June 28 – Third Day of Nationals

This day started off with 3 minute speed for the girls. I made a new personal record of 796 jumps and won 7th place out of about 15 girls in my division.

Next event was Double Dutch Relay Speed. This event includes 3 people, each person jumps speed in double dutch for 40 seconds. When the audio announcer says “switch” the jumper jumps out, takes the handles of the turner right in front of the them and becomes a turner. I was the first jumper in our speed relay:


The turner then jumps into the ropes and becomes the next jumper. Nate was the second jumper for our speed relay. Notice he is facing the last person who is left to jump:

IMG_2093xWhen the second “switch” is called, the jumper becomes the turner and the turner becomes the jumper. Ben was our third and final jumper for our speed relay:

IMG_2095xNext event is called Double Dutch Pairs Speed, which includes 4 people. In this event there are two turners and two jumpers and we don’t trade places. Each jumper jumps speed in the ropes for 1 minute.

Nate and I were the turners and Jordan and Ben were the jumpers:

IMG_2101x IMG_2104xOur age division, 18+ open, is a very difficult division to jump in, and we did not place top 10 in either of the double dutch speed events.

Next up: Double Dutch Single Freestyle. Double dutch freestyles are similar to single freestyles with the same time limits and variety of skills required.

Ben, Jordan and Nate competed in this event in the 15-17 age division.

Starting pose:


IMG_2116xHere is a Video of the boys’ Double Dutch Single by Rattlesnake Ropers.

Great job Ben, Nate and Jordan! I am proud of you three, and I love your smiles at the end!

The last event of the day was Double Dutch Pairs Freestyle -a double dutch routine including 4 people.

This is our beginning:


This is our ending: (the hands in the air was not planned, that was just because we were excited we did so well!)

Video of our Pairs Double Dutch by Rattlesnake Ropers.

That was the best we had ever done our 4-person routine. Considering that was the very last event of the entire weekend we were very excited, and we felt like we went out with a bang! And, later at the awards ceremony we won 9th place. May not seem like much, but we were very pleased with ourselves to finally get to place in the top 10. 🙂


Lydia took a “selfie” during the long awards ceremony:


I won 7th for 3 minute speed:

IMG_2114xDo you remember from my Regional Blog post the four jumpers we competed against with our double dutch 4-person routine? They are the group of triplet girls and one boy from the Coronado Speed Spinners. We had an awesome time hanging out with them all weekend at Nationals.

I LOVE this picture.


Left to Right: Nate, Jordan, Savannah, Ben, Summer, Abbey, Sierra, and Nate.

National Narratives are over and I hope you enjoyed this trilogy of blog posts. That weekend was an amazing first experience for all of us and we are looking forward to next year…!

I just have one more post to write about jump rope. The next day, Sunday June 29th, was Grand Nationals. The top 12 jumpers from every event, regardless of age, advances to Grand Nationals where they get to re-jump their speed timing or freestyle routine before another panel of judges. No one from Rattlesnake Ropers qualified to jump at Grand Nationals but we enjoyed watching everyone else who did.

Late Sunday night there was one last event that Lydia and I and our friend Christopher jumped in. This event was called Double Dutch Throw Down and was separate from Nationals and Grand Nationals. It was also a brand new event, first year ever jumped. It had far fewer rules than regular competition and encouraged creativity. Stay tuned for the next blog post. Here is a teaser picture:


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20 Responses to Jumpin’ Coast 2 Coast – Part 3

  1. Ann says:

    WOW! It’s been fun to read your blog and see the videos! Thank you for posting so often. You are wonderful!

  2. Benj says:

    A shout out to all of our Double Dutch pairs jumpers, everybody did awesome.

    • Abbey says:

      I have watched the video only a few dozen times and every time it makes me want to sing, “Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when we’re part of a team!”

      • Nate Green says:

        Love Jumpin’ Coast 2 Coast Part Three!
        You know, it’s funny but I’ve felt the very same thing after watching our double dutch pairs–which I have probably reviewed at least two dozen times. I think we should have a meeting just about that to see how we can make it more precise and accurate.
        Can’t wait for the Throwdown!

        • Abbey says:

          We need to spend more time on the ladder and also I think we can add at least one more section to it, if not two more. I am excited to make it better!

          • Nate Green says:

            We need to have more quads, more gymnastics,
            and more counting out loud so everyone is going off of the same cadence.

  3. Susie Rasmussen says:

    Abbey, your double Dutch pairs was amazing!!! I can’t believe Jordan’s double handstand, and Ben and Jordan’s subway!!! Nate is an awesome turner:)!!

  4. Susie Rasmussen says:

    Oh and your splits at the end look great, you and Ben!

  5. Carol Newhouse says:

    It just gets better and better~Congratulations on your performances!

  6. Ardyth Rasmussen says:

    Good job! You were awesome…….I have enjoyed your blogs so very much and have learned a lot about jump rope. Thank you for keeping me in the loop.

  7. Maryann oda says:

    It is so fun watching you jump. Did you practice with songs? What were they?

    • Abbey says:

      We never practiced our double Dutch stuff with music, but I messed around with different songs for my single -Toby Mac’s Me with out you, Owl City’s Galaxies, Good Time, When Can I see You Again, the Lego movie Everything is Awesome, and a bunch of others. But my favorite is stil Demi Lovato’s Let It Go. 🙂

  8. Benj says:

    How about we just say that our double dutch speed was the worst we have ever done.

  9. BJ says:


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