Jumpin’ Coast 2 Coast – Part 2

USA Jump Rope Nationals 2014 Long Beach, California – Part 2

Friday, June 27 – Second Day of Nationals

The morning started off with all the single freestyles. The competition floor was divided into 6 freestyle stations, so 6 jumpers were able to do their freestyle at once. With almost every one of the 600 competitors competing a single freestyle, this event took all morning.

A single freestyle includes one person (obviously!) and is a routine the jumper made up consisting of a variety of skills. The judges are observing the presentation and content of the routine. Presentation includes how well the jumper completes each skill as well as the jumper’s smile and overall performance. Content includes how advanced each skill is from beginner level to master level and also how many skills the jumper completed in the routine. Every freestyle event must be at least 60 seconds but must not exceed 75 seconds, or there are deductions. Each mistake is also a deduction.

Three of us competed our single freestyles. Click the link by our name for a video of our routine.

We started with Benjamin’s single freestyle: Video of Ben’s single by Rattlesnake Ropers.

IMG_2068x IMG_2037x

Up next, Jordan’s single freestyle: Video of Jordan’s single by Rattlesnake Ropers.

IMG_2070x IMG_2041-003x IMG_2041-001x

And we finished with my single freestyle: Video of Abbey’s Single by Rattlesnake Ropers.


Abbey's singleAbbeys single

The boys’ age division was one of the hardest groups to compete in, with over 35 boys (age 15-17). Both of mine did great and I am very proud of them!

Only 8 girls in my age division (23-29) competed their single freestyle. At the awards ceremony later that night I won the bronze medal!


The second event of the day was Pairs Freestyles. Nathaniel and I competed in the 18+ open division. All the same single freestyle rules apply for pairs freestyles, except both partners jump the same exact routine.

Video of Nate and Abbey pairs by Rattlesnake Ropers.



Last event of the day was Triple Unders. Ben and I competed in this event, Ben making 66 triples and I made 60 triples. Some of you may remember from my Regional Tournament Blog Post that the two of us were the triple champs of our region, but we were far from triple champs at Nationals :-). The girl who took the gold medal made 140 triples and the boy who won the gold medal made 382 triples. We have a lot of work ahead of us for next year…

Even so, here are the video clips of our triples.

Abbey’s triples by Rattlesnake Ropers

Ben’s triples by Rattlesnake Ropers

Remember, Triple Unders is not a timed event, you jump until you miss. The judges’ counting devices automatically updated onto large screens visible to the audience. The spectator participation was huge during the triple under event, with the entire audience going wild for the one jumper who lasted much longer than everyone else in the same heat. It was an exciting and awesome ending to a long day.

Again, this is tribute to how sweet and kind the sport of jump rope is; it doesn’t matter which team the lone “triple under jumper” was from, every last person in the audience wildly cheered for him or her as they watched the score continually progress higher with each completed triple under.

This is another reason why I love jump rope so much. And I don’t plan on quitting. Ever. Again.

Through out this day and the next, three of our parents took a few shifts as volunteers to help make the entire Nationals Weekend run more smoothly.

Joe – Freestyle tabulator


Darryl – Freestyle tabulator


Susie (my mom!) – Bleacher Clerk

IMG_2053xThank you, Joe, Darryl and Mom, you were all awesome workers and good support for the Rattlesnake Ropers.

The next blog post will be on the third day of Nationals -Double Dutch Freestyles!

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13 Responses to Jumpin’ Coast 2 Coast – Part 2

  1. Susie Rasmussen says:

    Yay! Fun Day Abbey!

  2. Benj says:

    You did awesome Abbey.

    • Abbey says:

      Thanks! You did really well too, Benj. And you’re an awesome support.
      Hey, I can’t post the next blog entry until I have one more video clip… 🙂

  3. Benj says:

    You will have to wait till saturday because its to big to be emailed in any format.

  4. Benj says:

    Sorry about that, I literally tried every format possible. We are going to upload them to vimeo sometime this week, so if it works out I’ll send you the link. By the way, I landed a quad T.J. with cross.

    • Abbey says:

      Have you thought about uploading it to google drive and sharing it with me? My cousin has sent me video clips and mp3’s that way.
      Wow. That’s awesome! I can’t wait to see you do it.

  5. Nate Green says:

    Hey, great post Abbey!
    Still LOVE your freestyle–awesome ending!
    Happy to be a part of this team!

    • Abbey says:

      Thanks, Nate! I am so glad you are part of this team, too. I really enjoyed doing a pairs with you.

  6. Benj says:

    I have one little tiny request to make, would you mind taking my freestyle off the internet, because it was really bad and rather embarrassing and it lowers my self esteem to think about it.

    • Abbey says:

      Hey, I don’t let anyone say anything negative about one of my jumpers -and that goes for you too. I am proud of that jumper of mine and his first freestyle, and I would be sad to take the video off. He has some awesome skills there that I like watching and showing off. But if you still insist…

      • Benj says:

        I insist, especially because it was me and I’m allowed to make negative comments about myself.

        • Benj says:

          I think there was only one five second section that I didn’t make a mistake and that was my T.J. split which was pretty awesome, you can cut that out and leave it up and just say that it was the only part you managed to film and that the rest of it was as totally stunning.

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