Jumpin’ Coast 2 Coast – Part 1

USA Jump Rope Nationals 2014 – Long Beach, California – Part 1


Tuesday, June 24 – Travel Day

Mom, Lydia, Steven, Molly and I drove to my Aunt Mary’s house in CA. Dad, Emily and Hope stayed home and did a wonderful job milking goats twice a day, feeding the chickens, dog, cat, and the random other critters we have, plus watering Zack’s garden and our neighbor’s garden. (Zack and Jacob are working at a camp in Spokane, WA this summer.) We had been on the road only a few hours when my Dad texted us this picture of the girls at Costco. My Dad is awesome -the girls are even wearing matching shirts… though now that I think about it, the matching shirts was probably Emily’s idea! I’m sure Dad gets the credit for the ice cream!


When we arrived in Pasadena at Aunt Mary’s house, she and cousin Grace had a cake, and flowers and a “Happy Birthday” sign ready and waiting for me because it was my birthday. Going to Nationals is probably the best birthday present I’ve had. Ever.

photo (1)xWithin one hour of arriving Steven, Molly and cousin Grace washed all of the cars in their drive way, including my car. I love these pictures: “Fifty Shades of Green.”

IMG_1963x IMG_1964x

Wednesday, June 25 – Check in Day

The next day Lydia, mom and I said good bye to Steven and Molly and left them to play at Aunt Mary’s house for the weekend. We drove an hour away to The Westin Long Beach and checked into our hotel which was right across the street from the Long Beach Convention Center where Nationals was held. View from our window:


As the coach I checked in my team at the convention center and picked up the packets for my jumpers. I met them in the practice hall and we jumped together for a few hours in the evening before going back to our hotel rooms.



Thursday, June 26 – First Day of Nationals

All morning we had judges/coaches/volunteer meetings while jumpers practiced. My mom and two other parents from my team were volunteers and had a few couple hour shifts to work during the four day competition. In the meantime, mine and Lydia’s very dear friend, Christopher, came by to watch and jump with us. We hadn’t seem him in a few years and it was so great to catch up. We used to jump rope with him over 10 years ago, and we still love jumping together. 

IMG_2029x IMG_2027x IMG_2031xAll day Thursday were the Speed events -30 second Speed, 1 min Speed, speed relays and medleys, and ended with 3 minute speed for the boys (girls 3 minute speed was two days later). All four of us competed in the speed events, and together we did the speed relay and also speed medley.




IMG_1985xClick the link below for a video clip of my 30 second speed event. Counting only when my Right Foot hits the floor, my score is 72. I managed 13th place in my age division, in other words, I am no where near amazing.

Video clip: Abbey’s 30 second speed

After all 600 competitors finished the speed events, all the teams were organized in alphabetical order for the parade of teams before the awards ceremony. The Speed events were over by 5pm on Thursday, and the awards ceremony lasted another 2 hours after that.


This year the three boys on my team competed in the male 15-17 age division, I competed in the female 23-29 age division and together for the group events we compete in the open 18+ age division. Top 10 winners from every event and age division are awarded medals or ribbons. None of us placed top 10 for these speed events, though a few of us managed to place in the top 20.


The back of our Nationals t-shirts list all the teams that came this year. Can you find our team name?

shirtbackxThe following two days of Nationals included all the freestyle events. Stay tuned for blog post part 2.

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7 Responses to Jumpin’ Coast 2 Coast – Part 1

  1. Susie Rasmussen says:

    Very fun weekend Abbey, I would call it a success! Nice first post.

  2. Carol Newhouse says:

    I don’t care what you say…I think you are amazing!

  3. Benj says:

    Nationals was so much fun. I am really looking foward to next year.

  4. Benj says:

    I know this is rather late, but I forgot to tell you happy birthday, so a really late happy birthday to you.

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