Tri Family

Five of the six competitorsIn March six of us competed in the Tucson Triathlon put on at the U of A. My Dad, Zack and Jake made one relay team, while Lydia, Steven and I made the other relay team. My dad took this picture of us at a quarter after 6 in the morning, after we had all of our transition stations set up and we were body marked with our relay numbers. Both our teams were entered in the family relay division where each team has a name. My dad and the boys named themselves The Avengers, and my team chose The Hobbits as our name.

My Dad was the swimmer for his team. He is next in line to start his 750 meter swim. Go Dad!

DadSteven was the swimmer for my team. He has been swimming with a year round swim team for 11 months now and absolutely loves it.


My Dad had trained for this event since mid-January. The previous six months he was recovering from open heart surgery he had last June (2013). He was the inspiration and encouragement for all of us while we trained for this triathlon.

Amazing DAD

Meanwhile, Jacob stands in the bike transition area, waiting for Dad to finish his swim. He is ready with a towel to hand to Dad once they tag each other. In my opinion, Jake looks like he is having difficulties containing his excitement.


Dad finishes his swim with a time of 15:43 and runs to tag Jacob who slips him the towel as they high five each other!

Dad & Jake switchMoments later, Steven climbs out of the pool with an awesome time of 13:46


He runs to tag me where I had been waiting in the transition area, ready to ride.

DSCN0151xThe Two Steven Swimmers

Two StevesJacob finishes his bike ride at exactly 45 minutes and tags Zack who begins the last portion of the race.

Two bros

I finish the bike ride with a time of 42:02 and tag Lydia who is ready for her 3 mile run.


Zack is running around the U of A mall…

zack… And so is Lydia…

DSCN0156xZack crosses the finish line with a split time of 27:47. At 6 foot 3 inches we think his gait resembles that of Captain America. Maybe he really is an Avenger!


Moments later Lydia crosses the finish line with a split time of 28:04, smiling the whole way!


The Hobbits: Total time 1:23:52


The Avengers: Total Time 1:28:31


DSCN0161xApparently this is how my mom found a few of us later that afternoon:

DSCN0162x DSCN0163x

Photographer: Mom

Thanks for reading and I hope I was able to give you a small taste of the excitement in store for those who have included a triathlon on their bucket list!

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4 Responses to Tri Family

  1. Nate Green says:

    Go Hobbits!
    Well done, Tri Family!

  2. Donna Fulton says:

    Go Rasmussen family! You are an inspiration! Thanks for showing how great life and family can be!

  3. Susie Rasmussen says:

    That WAS an exciting day wasn’t it? I am excited for the one coming up in June where I will again be the photographer!

  4. Nate Green says:

    Coming up, Regionals?

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