I know, it’s been, like, forever!

Hello my readers! Someone recently alerted me to the fact that I should update my blog, and I realized I hadn’t posted in almost a year. A lot has happened since I arrived back home from Israel last August…

First, I am in full time school. That started last October. I took a few CLEP exams and tested out of a few college credits and in the meantime switched from English, to History, and finally to Math as my main focus. If you ever want help with taking a CLEP exam, let me know. I passed seven CLEP exams in seven weeks, earning 24 credits in that time frame. I can tell you anything and everything you need to know about taking a CLEP exam.

In January I enrolled in four classes at Pima Community College, Writing 101, and 102 (both half-semester fast-paced classes), Intro to Chemistry, and Pre-Calculus. This semester further reinforced the idea that I should NOT be an English major. I don’t mind writing when I have to, but seriously, why spend so much brain energy on typing out a 1500 word paper when you could relax your mind with graphing a hyperbola, solving a matrix, or proving trigonometric identities? I do indeed enjoy math and I am finding I also really love chemistry.

I passed all my classes with the spring semester ending mid May and my summer has now begun. This past year I’ve continued working as a nanny for the same wonderful family, now completing my second year with them. I love those two boys very dearly and often refer to them as “my” boys. This summer will be filled with swim practice, swimming for fun and Monopoly and Clue with my boys.

Last fall I started my own competitive jump rope team, called the Rattlesnake Ropers. I have been in love with the sport of jump rope since I was 7 years old and I am so happy to be back in the sport full time, this time around as the coach. In March I took my team (at the time consisting of four jumpers including myself) to our Regional tournament which happened to be right here in Tucson. We qualified in many events and are now training for Nationals, which is at the end of June, in Long Beach, California. I’ll have more blog posts coming soon with pictures and details of the Regional competition.

Last March my family participated in the U of A triathlon, making two relay teams. My dad, and my two taller brothers made up one team, naming themselves the Avengers, while my sister and I and our littlest brother made the other team, with the name of The Hobbits. We had a great time training together and competing against each other. It was classic, The Hobbits beat The Avengers!

This summer my littlest brother and I are doing the full triathlon by ourselves. He is doing the youth distance and I am doing the sprint distance tri, the same one I did last summer. There will probably be a post on this event later this month.

So, that was the quick version update of the last year of my life. Keep watching for a few more posts that give more details, particularly about my jump rope adventures!

God has blessed me this past year in so many ways. Life is not always easy nor straight forward, but knowing I can rest assured that the Creator of the Universe cares for me, gives me a peace that nothing else will. I pray that God receives the glory and honor for everything I put my hand to.

Soli Deo gloria!

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8 Responses to I know, it’s been, like, forever!

  1. Susie Rasmussen says:

    What an nice summing up of your past year Abbey! You are a very blessed girl with lots of exciting things happening, I am SOOO incredibly blessed to be a part of every aspect of your life! Love that you are loving college, Love that you are back into jump rope, and I am so excited to join you at Nationals as a judge helper, or whatever my title is 🙂 Your Mommy LOVES you!!

    • Abbey says:

      Thank you, Mommy! I am so glad you’re coming with me to Nationals. It’s been a dream of ours for a long time, huh? 🙂
      I love you, too!

  2. Carol Newhouse says:

    So happy to get the update. What a great life you are leading! I’m impressed by your math abilities. My grandma graduated from a college in Nebraska in the field of mathematics in the early part of the last century. She was the only girl in the class! Hang in there! I know you’ll continue to do well.

    ¡A Dios sea la gloria!

    • Abbey says:

      Thanks for the encouragement, la maestra Carolina! Wow, the only girl in her class? She must have been amazing! I think I can easily say there are at least 50% girls in the math classes now!

  3. Benjamin Green says:

    Would you mind taking our double dutch freestyle off of youtube? Its a little embarrassing.

    • Abbey says:

      Embarrassing??? I don’t even know which one you’re talking about! The double Dutch routine with three boys and a girl is awesome because they practically made it up on the spot. And the one with just the three boys is an amazing routine. Besides, those boys are on my team and I am VERY proud of them.

      I am not taking anything off YouTube.

      • Nate Green says:

        “I am not taking anything of you tube!”
        Way to go, Abbey! Come on Benj, we did our best…even if it wasn’t exactly stellar. 🙂
        I’m happy to see you found time to do a blog post, Abbey.
        You are awesome!

        • Abbey says:

          Why thank you, Nate, I appreciate the support. I agree with you, you definitely did your best, but I also disagree with you because I think all three of you WERE stellar. If you only knew how the other coaches complemented me because of my amazing jumpers…

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