Israel: The End

Our trip back home started by leaving Jerusalem late evening on our 9th day, actually, it was 1 am the next morning. So, to while a way the time until 1am, Zack and I showed Joe some jump rope. We taught him a lot of tricks and different fun stuff you can do with a jump rope. Joe really liked it and was very good at it even though he had never jumped before.

100_4951xAt 1am we drove from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv to catch our flight to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam we were supposed to catch a flight to San Francisco, but we were delayed and completely missed that flight. We were re-routed to Paris, and then to San Francisco. It was a bit of an adventure getting home but I thought it was cool to get an extra stamp in my pass port!

We were just a little silly from excitement and lack of sleep… (Oh, and I should mention this picture was taken still on the ground in Tel Aviv. At the VERY beginning.)

IMG_1357x 100_4955x

From San Francisco, Zack and I flew to Phoenix, and that’s where Mom, Lydia and Jake met us and we drove 2 hours to get back to Tucson. Over all, it took us 38 hours to get home, and because of the time change it was all on the same day. It didn’t just feel like the longest day ever, it really was!

Here are some pictures of the breakfasts we had at our hotels. The menu always included: salad, vegetables, yogurt, lots of different cheese, pickled herring, tuna salad, eggs, huevos rancheros, chocolate marbled bread, and a few other pastries, delicious home made bread, and gourmet cold cereal (served in large white glass bowls), and toast and jam.


100_4670x 100_4671x



For dinner at the hotels there was always another huge spread of vegetables and salad, a few different meats, egg plant side dishes and other exotic vegetable dishes, home made bread, soup, pasta dishes and dessert.

IMG_1248x IMG_1318x IMG_1069x IMG_1133x IMG_1250x

This juice, whatever it was, tasted so good. It was served at every hotel and every meal. It was orange juice with something else in it too. It made us feel good and comfortable so we named it Comfy Juice. We all got very attached to our Comfy Juice.

IMG_1352xDearest faithful readers of mine, this completes my tales of Israel. I hope these narratives have blessed you in some way, for that was my mission, to share the blessings of Israel.

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7 Responses to Israel: The End

  1. Donna Fulton says:

    Wonderful stories for us, Abbey, thanks for sharing. Terrific memories for you!

  2. Carol Newhouse says:

    I agree with Donna…I will miss these stories. I imagine you will treasure them in your memory for the rest of your life.

    • Abbey says:

      I am glad you enjoyed the stories, Sra. Carolina! Yes, I will treasure all the memories from this trip forever. The other eight people in our group became very dear friends of mine, and I will treasure the time spent with them forever as well. 🙂

  3. Ardyth Rasmussen says:

    Thank you for sharing the interesting and enjoyable stories. You are a good photographer, also. The pictures are great! ……How are you ever going to top this???

  4. DeenaMae says:

    Hello, Abbey! I just was looking at your blog a bit after seeing it in your signature on LibriVox! Very nice! And what an encouragement to find a sister in Christ who I’ll be working with on audio-books! 🙂 How marvelous that you got to go to Israel! I got to go on a mission trip to Peru this summer, which was amazing, but I would love to visit the land where Jesus walked someday!

    • Abbey says:

      Hi Deena, Thanks for commenting. I just noticed in your LibriVox signature the verse reference of 1 Corinthians 5:17, and I was wondering if you were a Christian when I received your blog comment! 🙂 Your mission trip to Peru sounds great. God works amazing things in our lives, doesn’t he?
      Talk to you later, (on LibriVox I’m sure!),

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