Israel: Days 8 & 9

Israel: Day 8

We went to the Vad Yashem museum which is Israel’s official memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. We had to take 3 taxi’s to get our group there as we no longer had Boaz and his awesome van to take us where ever we needed to go. 100_4681x I haven’t any idea what this building is, but I thought it looked very cool, I just had to take a picture of it and include it in this post.

100_4684x Ok, back to the museum:

100_4714x 100_4691xThis ramp lead to the building that had many rooms full of video clips, poster boards, artifacts and old pictures and letters from the holocaust victims. (Zack and Joe are on the right hand side)

100_4697xAfter this picture, no more pictures were allowed in the building. From room to room, the museum told the story of WWII week by week, and in some places day by day. We spent almost 3 hours in there. This part in the history of the world is sobering, heavy, and horrendously horrifying. But let us not forget that it happened, lest we repeat history.

100_4699xThree hours later, we emerged into the open air again with this view before us:

100_4701x IM_1252xAt Vad Yashem they made a “Garden of the Righteous” in memory of all the gentiles who harbored Jews during WWII, planting a tree for every family. I wasn’t able to find the Ten Boom’s tree, but I did find Shindler’s


Schindler’s tree:

100_4710x You can just barely make out that it says “Oskar and Emilie Schindler”

100_4709x They also made a memorial for the half a million children who died in the holocaust. This room was dark, with one candle in the center. The room was covered in mirrors, making it look like you were surrounded by about a half a million candle lights. Overhead, a majestic voice gently spoke the names of the children who died, including their age and home country. It had an emotional, sobering, and powerful effect.

IMG_1256x For lunch we went to the Old City and had pizza at Jacob’s. Here he is, giving Anita a ride.

Anita and Jacobx IMG_1328xThe rest of this day was spent walking around the Old City, shopping, browsing and buying souvenirs, and meeting friends of Carl’s. The hotel we stayed in our last 3 nights was very nice. It was called Ramat Rachel Kibbutz. Every hotel room window had a view of Bethlehem.

100_4736x 100_4735x

Israel: Day 9

We went to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, and also the Bible Lands Museum. The Bible Lands Museum had many facsimile and original ancient scrolls of the Bible. There was a huge model of ancient Jerusalem scaled to the size of a LEGO man. Very Awesome! We slowly walked around the whole model while Carl explained what everything was.

jerusalemmodelx 100_4758x 100_4746x 100_4748x 100_4741x

The Israel Museum had lots of modern Israeli art, ancient art, and artifacts from Bible times and other time periods, as well as some random stuff outside. Huge apple core? Ok. Cool.

100_4764x This structure was great; it made you look tall and skinny!

100_4767x 100_4817x 100_4824x 100_4832x 100_4833x 100_4840x

For lunch we went to Jacob’s Pizza, again. He was quite popular among a few of us, and yes, it was that good! Far better than any pizza I’ve tasted in America. 🙂 I finally took a picture of the sign on Jacob’s cash register. We thought it was adorable. “Every Time you TIP, God Saves a a baby Camel. It’s the Holy Land you know. Nice Smile by the way”


After lunch we went to the Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu. At this church I picked this bougainvillea flower and put it in my Bible. I now have a pressed flower souvenir from Jerusalem in my Bible. If you’d like to see it, ask me sometime.


This church, St. Peter in Gallicantu, is the place most believe where Peter denied Jesus three times before the rooster crowed.

100_4857x 100_4858x 100_4864x

Many people believe that Jesus was imprisoned in this underground crypt after his arrest. Carl lead a Bible study in the pit, reading from Psalm 88.

100_4886x 100_4890x 100_4891x

The last stop for our entire trip was the Garden Tomb.


Can you spot the “fail” in this picture? This was near the entrance to the Garden Tomb.


This was my very favorite stop. The best was definitely saved for the last. The Garden Tomb is a more recent place it is believed that Jesus was buried (within the last century). A docent lead us around the garden and told us about the Place of the Skull, and how the tomb was first found.


It was a beautiful, lush garden. Very pleasing to the eye, giving you a peaceful feeling.

100_4904x 100_4905x

Our lovely ladies, Anita and Barbara:


The docent is showing us how the rocky hill behind him looks like a skull.


Can you make out the skull, right behind Carl?


This is the doorway to the tomb Jesus was laid in.

100_4929x tombx

Probably the best eight words spoken in history:


After we visited the tomb, we were led to an arbor where we had a precious time of worshiping our Risen Lord and Savoir. Pastor Carl then led us in a Bible study from John 19-20.

100_4942x 100_4943x 100_4945x In this lovely arbor we then had communion, remembering that Jesus Christ died for us on the cross, and has risen, offering to us eternal life. Dear friend, have you accepted this free gift of salvation? If you have not, I pray that you will read the Bible, and consider what God says about Himself, His Son, and what He says about you. Then carefully weigh in your mind what you must do about it. Your decision could change your life forever.

Late evening on our 9th day in Israel, we left our hotel in Jerusalem to drive to the Tel Aviv international airport. So, my faithful reader, this post brings us to the end of my Israel trip. But wait, I will post one more telling of our (adventurous!) journey back home, and I’ll also include a few pictures of Israeli food. Yum!


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3 Responses to Israel: Days 8 & 9

  1. Susan Rasmussen says:

    An amazing post Abbey, SO much stuff to see, you learned SO many things and seeing them in person is so unique.
    I love your invitation to receive Christ at the end of your post.

    I love the pic of you and Carl and Zack, I never saw that picture before.

  2. Carol Newhouse says:

    I imagine that in some ways it will be hard to return home to our very different culture. You have had the trip of a lifetime…and I thank you for sharing it so well with us.

  3. Grace Norton says:

    Wow abbey that is such a blessing to be able to see the tomb of Jesus be there where he died and rose again. That’s truly amazing. I loved the mini version of Jerusalem that was super cool. Looking forward to reading more.

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