Israel: Day 5

We drove to the Golan Heights on Day 5. The Valley of Tears is an area in the Golan Heights named after a major battle in the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Boaz told us a personal story about this war; his father and uncle fought in this battle at the Valley of Tears. He was 6 years old at the time and remembers hiding in a bomb shelter with his mom.

Here is Boaz, our wonderful driver, tour guide, and friend.

100_4032xThe Valley of Tears





One Israeli tank; one Syrian tank.


Joe and Zack


Mary and I


Christian and Sharona


Lizards were quite the attraction for these two boys…

100_4072x 100_4075x

… and sometimes a distraction for the rest of us, too!


Next we went to another place in the Golan Heights over looking into Syria (the view was behind me when I took this picture)


In these pictures the green crops and fields is Israel, the brown beyond is Syria. The “Green Line” of Israel is due to all the agriculture and farming that the Israeli’s do.

100_4112x 100_4114x

100_4101x 100_4098x

Awesome picture, huh?


We went into a gift shop at this place and I bought an iced chocolate/vanilla coffee. It was very refreshing. I’m not that crazy about coffee, but of course, anything iced is amazing on a hot day.

100_4126x IMG_0949x

Opposite the gift shop was this…



… and this:



Driving to our next place I took these pictures out the van window:


Pomegranate trees:


Grape vines:




And my favorite: Banana Trees:


Next we went to the Jordan River, to a small section that is used specifically for baptisms.


On the other side of the bank is the country of Jordan.




Pastor Carl baptized Zack and I and few others in our group. Baptism does not save you, nor make you right with God. Baptism is an outward display of your decision to follow Christ. (I will have to edit this post later with pictures of our baptism once I get them from someone else in our group.) This was another sweet time of worship and Bible teaching.

Last stop: the Dead Sea, or as the Israeli’s call it, the Salt Sea. We played with the muddy sand and rubbed it into our arms and legs, and enjoyed how soft our skin felt after we washed it off. Floating in the Salt Sea was an entertaining and unique experience!

IMG_1037c IMG_1019x

The four “kids” of the trip: Mary, Abbey, Zack, Joe.


That night we stayed in a very nice hotel near Jerusalem. Our hotel room over looked the Dead Sea.

IMG_1053x IMG_1054x IMG_1055x

Pretty mosaic on the floor in the lobby


View from mine and Mary’s room:

IMG_1064xIMG_1060xAt every hotel we stayed in during this trip, Zack and I were not registered as Rasmussen, but rather:


So, this sums up Day 5. Until next time!

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  1. Susie Rasmussen says:

    Very awesome post!! Loved it. Love the pictures of Joe and Zack being entertained by the wild life, chasing lizards under rocks…ha ha!
    The agriculture is amazing there, I love the exotic fruit trees!

  2. Grace Norton says:

    Haha very funny. Well done miss razmuffin:D I love all the pictures it looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

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