Israel: Days 3 & 4

Bomb shelter work began with running errands to a few stores to buy paint, rollers, scrapers, gloves, etc. and also picking up rakes, squeegees, buckets, paint brushes, more paint, and some other things from storage. We loaded Boaz’s van with our supplies and he drove us and everything we needed to the first bomb shelter.

IMG_0707x IMG_0715x


Here are outside “before” pictures of the bomb shelters:

100_3977x before shelterx

Here are inside “before” pictures:

IMG_0719x IMG_0716x IMG_0721x

Carl explains to us what the plan is for the next two days of work:


This is Christian and Sharona, a very sweet couple with hearts willing to serve the Lord in every way.


Time to work!

The outside crew scraped and painted the outside of the bomb shelter:

sharonax IMG_0744x barbara_paintingx

The inside crew swept and squeegeed the floors, wiped down the bunk beds and painted the walls blue and green.


The lucky-duck tall ones didn’t need step stools 🙂


katrina_zack paintingx

This is Boaz’s son Elijah. Elijah came to work with his dad the first four days of the trip and we all loved having him around. Elijah doesn’t speak English but he wasn’t shy in the slightest. He kept us all entertained and “helped” with our shelter work.

eliah paintingx

Elijah loved Joe and Zack, following them around and wanting to do what they were doing.

eliah joe zackx

This is Anita. She did a good job cleaning the bathrooms in both shelters.



At the end of the first day we were all done with the first shelter except for the painted flowers.

abbey done paintingx

The next morning we finished up the first shelter, then moved to the second shelter.

Flower painting time!

100_3969x100_3967xthree_girls_paintingxkatrina paintingxabbey paintingx

I know I said Elijah entertained us, but Zack and Joe did plenty of their share of the entertaining as well…

IMG_0762x eliahzackjoex

During the day this little Israeli boy hung out with us. He lived in one of the apartments near the second bomb shelter. We had fun interacting with him, as well as with all the other people who came out to see what we were doing. One lady gave us egg and tomato sandwiches. A man who helped us with some electrical problems the shelter was having, invited Mary and I to his house to make coffee for us and to bring back more for the rest of our group.

IMG_0865x IMG_0868x

Here are some “after” pictures of inside and out:

100_3971x 100_3994x 100_3990x 100_3975x

after shelterx

This picture was taken the next day, which explains why we aren’t dirty and covered in paint. 🙂


At the end of our first day of bomb shelter work we went to Caesarea Philippi. We had more history lessons from Boaz, worship led by Joe, and a Bible study led by Carl from Matthew 16:13-19.


IMG_0788x IMG_0784x IMG_0786x

groupcaesareaphilippix zackabbeycaesareaphilippix

After the Bible study we walked around the Hermon Springs River, which is one of the sources of the Jordan river.

100_3932x IMG_0795x

I saw my first cony here. I know some people describe conies as guinea pigs gone bad, but this one at least looked really cute! Psalm 104:18 and Proverbs 30:26 mention conies.

100_3938x 100_3939x

So, there’s the account of another two days of blessings given and received by Zechariah’s Hope.

Comping up next: Floating in the Dead Sea, Jordan River and journey to Jerusalem

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6 Responses to Israel: Days 3 & 4

  1. Christie says:

    We are enjoying your posts! What a unique experience this was for you and Zach. Glad your home.

  2. Susan Rasmussen says:

    Love the pictures of Elijah and the other little guy…so glad you were able to interact with Israeli’s in such a personal way.
    Love the picture of Zack and Joe arm wrestling.

  3. Grace Norton says:

    Wow abbey that us so cool you guys got to fix up those bomb shelters I love to paint but I am not very good:) it looks like it was a lot of fun.

    • Abbey says:

      You don’t have to be a good painter to paint bomb shelters. You just need a heart willing to serve and you’re painting will be awesome. The bomb shelter work was my favorite part about the trip by far!

  4. Carol Newhouse says:

    What a fun project…and practical, too!

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