Israel: Day 1

On the morning of the first day we checked out of our hotel in Netanya and loaded the van with our luggage. We first went to Caesarea where Boaz gave us a history lesson of Herod and the theater we were sitting at. Then Carl’s son, Joseph, lead our group in a time of worship. Afterwards Carl gave a Bible teaching from Acts 21-26 where it tells of when Paul was in Caesarea, exactly where we were.

This theater is a semi circle, different from an amphitheater that is a full circle. Most of these steps and seats had been reconstructed, though they left a small portion of steps that were original.




After this, we walked a short ways to a site that had only recently been uncovered by archaeologists. It was of the palace Herod the Great built on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea complete with a pool that had originally been filled with fresh water carried in by the aqueducts, but now is full of salt water. Boaz gave us more history lessons on all of this and showed us a place where we could look for broken pieces of pottery and sea shells. Zack loves archaeology stuff and found many pieces of pottery with broken handles and rims of pots or bowls.

100_3743x IMG_0434x 100_3755x

100_3763x 100_3769x



Zack and Joseph roomed together every night and became good friends, doing everything together and were practically inseparable the whole trip.


This passage from the Bible, Acts 25:11-12, 23 talks of when Paul appealed unto Caesar. Carl read it to us in English from this board, and then Boaz read it in Hebrew.


This is the amphitheater that Herod built; more history lessons from Boaz.


IMG_0475x IMG_0481x

After leaving Caesarea we went to see a portion of the aqueducts built by the Romans


Zack and Joe climbed to the top and walked across the aqueducts a long way


On our way to the next place we stopped for lunch at a restaurant that served falafel. I found I really enjoy and love Israeli food.


Next stop, Mt. Caramel. Here we had more history lessons from tour guide Boaz, worship time lead by cousin Joe, and Bible study lead by Pastor Carl; 1 Kings 18 is the story of when Elijah built an alter to God and the prophets of Baal built an alter to Baal. After all day calling upon their god, Baal never responded to his prophets. Elijah then prays a prayer to the living, One True God, and He answers by sending fire on the alter and consuming Elijah’s sacrifice.

100_3787x 100_3792x 100_3799x 100_3801xAt some point during our history lessons and Bible study on Mt. Caramel, Uncle Carl found a chameleon. Zack loves all things nature and holding this chameleon was the highlight of his day.

100_3798x 100_3797x

That night, and the next three nights, we were at the Tel Hai Youth Hostel and Guest House in Kiryat Shmone in northern Israel. Mary and I unpacked and moved into our room before I could grab a picture. We liked the 5 beds crammed in our little room. We were in room number 210 for four nights.



So, this was “Day 1.” I hope you all enjoyed it. I know I sure did!

Day 2 is coming tomorrow – preview: Sea of Galilee and Mt. Beatitudes.

Edited later: Go to Israel: Day 2

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  1. Great post, Abbey! I was just wondering, were you allowed bring the artifacts you retrieved back to the states?

  2. Susie Rasmussen says:

    Very Awesome Abbey! Looks SO amazing, all you saw and learned and did!! SO LOVE that Zack had Joe to have fun with…not that you wouldn’t have been fun if it was just you, but what fun that he had another big happy puppy to run around with 🙂

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  4. Grace Norton says:

    Hey abbey it sounds like this experience must have been very historical and biblical for you guys that is so nice. That Israeli food looks pretty good too.

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