Swimming. Swimming. Swimming.

Two of my younger siblings have started swimming lessons. Inspiration for swimming started with all the triathlon training we older ones have been doing. Steven didn’t know how to swim very well, so mom and dad thought it would be good for his tri training to get in some “real” swim training.

Steven has joined the TJCC Stingrays year round swim team. He swims Mon – Thur from 4:30-5:15. He just finished his first week and has already improved a lot in technique.




Emily has private swim lessons twice a week with lifeguard Claire. She has always loved playing in the pool and is a little fish in the water. She is learning how to properly breath and kick while swimming with a kick board.

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Molly and Hope get to come to the pool sometimes and play in the kiddie pool and splash park with their friends.

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  1. Grace Norton says:

    Hey abbey I love the summer and swimming. My mom and dad have been considering swimming lessons for me and Josh I am really excited and I hope it happens I love to swim. I miss you guys a lot and I think we are coming to visit in a few weeks. So I can’t wait to see you guys again.

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