Jump Rope to Israel (camp complete!)

100_3541x Week of Jump Rope Camp: successful!!

Actually, I should say week of jump rope “camps” because we taught two camps this week back to back. We were so blessed to be able to use the Fellowship Hall at the Salvation Army church for our camp. The best part about it was that it had A/C.

The first camp was from 8-10 every morning where we had 18 children from our homeschool group, ages 5-16, jumping until they were sweaty and muscle sore.

We did single rope… 100_3539x 100_3532x 100_3536x Played long rope games…

100_3554xAnd practiced double dutch… Somehow I didn’t get a picture of our younger kids learning double dutch. This is Zack and two other big boys who worked on more advanced double dutch tricks all week.


On the last day of camp we put on a presentation for all the parents. Afterwards I gave every jumper a certificate of completion as well as their jump rope trick check off list they had been working on all week.

100_3609x 100_3611x 100_3613x 100_3618x 100_3620x The same week we were doing this jump rope camp, the Salvation Army was doing a day camp for the children in their neighborhood. So, in return for letting us use their facility, we put on a jump rope camp for their kids. It was held every morning from 10 to 10:45 in the same room. We had about 25-30 kids in this group.

100_3552x 100_3630x 100_3627x 100_3582x 100_3601x 100_3635x All the jumpers from both camps worked so hard and were very motivated to keep jumping and learn more tricks. I love jump rope and it makes me happy to see other kids loving it too.

I want to say thank you to everyone who supported our trip to Israel. We are looking forward to being used by God in many ways as well as being strengthened in our faith and relationship with Him through this trip.

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6 Responses to Jump Rope to Israel (camp complete!)

  1. Carol Newhouse says:

    You are all so talented and creative, and it makes so many people happy!

  2. Susan Rasmussen says:

    This was a wonderful week of jump rope, and I loved helping with the younger kids. You did a great job planning and working Abbey!!

  3. Benjamin Green says:

    Jump Rope Camp was fun, thanks for allowing us to help out

    • Abbey says:

      Thanks for helping, Ben. You and Jordan were great and certainly helped both camps run more smoothly.

  4. Benj says:

    You should update your blog with all the jump rope stuff we have been doing since Jump Rope to Israel.

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