Queechy by Susan Warner


Queechy by Susan Warner

Author of The Wide, Wide World

Fleda Ringan is an 11 year old orphan who lives with her grandfather in Queechy, Vermont. After a tragic incident, Fleda has to live with her aunt and uncle, the Rossiters, in Paris. She travels to Paris under the care of young Mr. Carleton and his mother, a rich Englishwoman. Every young man who meets Fleda falls in love with her, but she adores only Mr. Carleton.

Once Fleda’s Uncle Rolf looses all his money, they return to America where they live in the very same house her grandfather raised her in, Queechy Run. Her uncle is depressed with his failing business and her aunt is of a frail disposition. Fleda’s best friend is her cousin Hugh. Though he is always there for her with moral support Hugh has always been week and is unable to do much work. All the responsibilities of running a farm fall upon Fleda’s young shoulders.

The young Englishman Mr. Carleton is always there for Fleda, quietly aiding her family and even saving them from certain disgrace caused by a scandalous admirer of Fleda. No one knows why young Guy Carleton has even come to America. Girls over the countryside are giddy with excitement when he is around and their mothers secretly enjoy any attention he may give their daughters.

A thoughtful little girl he once knew has grown into young woman, beautiful inside and out. Has he come to win her heart?

Throughout the book, Fleda learns to trust God for help in times of trouble, as well as in pleasant times. This book was an encouragement to me; Fleda’s character is a good example while still being a young girl easy to relate to.

I recorded this book as a duet with another volunteer on LibriVox. You can download the free audio book here: http://librivox.org/queechy-by-susan-warner/

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  1. Thank you so much, Abbey, for your beautiful reading of Queechy, by Susan Warner.
    I have enjoyed it very much indeed for several days and still have another evening or two of pleasure. Your patience and hard work is much appreciated.

    I also enjoyed learning about you and your family (and Japan) through your delightful blog. Thank you again,

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