Spring Break Trip (part 2)

The last part of our trip we spent with Grandma Rasmussen in Vacaville. One day we went to a high school play with Grandma and her friend, Jean. Another day we went to Grandma’s club house and joined her exercise class, and Sunday morning we went to church with her, then out to lunch at Panera Bread before flying home. Every evening we knitted together, played card games, drank tea and ate chocolates.

Grandma’s friend Jean, Lydia, me, Grandma – Sunday morning


One day we went on a little walk in the park near Grandma’s house


On Saturday Auntie Ann, Aunt Karen and our cousin Shanice joined us for a day in San Francisco. Auntie Ann planned a few activities for all of us to do in the city.


First, we went to the de Young Art Museum. The current exhibit is Dutch paintings from the Mauritshuis featuring the Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer.


This is outside the museum


Me, Auntie Ann and Grandma Wilma with a fancy de Young gift bag 🙂


Next, we went to the Japanese Tea Garden which was walking distance from the museum.



100_3105x 100_3086x 100_3098x


Auntie Ann and Uncle Joe made reservations for us at the restaurant Prospect. It was a very fancy meal with many different courses. The restaurant was on the bay overlooking the Bay Bridge.

Grandma Wilma and I


Aunt Karen and her daughter Shanice (our cousin)


This Wild Mushroom Soup was a starter


This is the Goat entree that I ordered (and loved!)


Lydia’s Ribeye plate


This is the cheese plate we had after dinner and before dessert


This is strawberry rhubarb crepes with ice cream for dessert


This is the chocolate cake dessert that Uncle Joe ordered


After dinner we went outside to see the lights on the Bay Bridge


Uncle Joe took this picture of all the girls

San francisco Bay Bridgex

Dear Aunt Karen, Shanice, Grandma, Auntie Ann, and Uncle Joe, we had a wonderful day with you in the city. We made such fun memories together on this trip. We were so glad we were able to spend the day with you.

Grandma Wilma, we enjoyed this part of our trip very much. We loved playing games with you and knitting and chatting with you in the evenings.

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5 Responses to Spring Break Trip (part 2)

  1. Susan Rasmussen says:

    YAY! I loved those pictures! You all looked like you were having so much fun and yes, making wonderful memories!

  2. Donna Fulton says:

    What terrific memories of your family and the wonderful city. The food looked amazing!

  3. Carol Newhouse says:

    What a fun time you all had! I love that all age groups were included…made it even better, I’d say.

  4. Grace Norton says:

    Wow that chinease tea house garden was so pretty all those flowers were gorgeous and that food looked delicious it doesn’t look like its very much food at all though and the city lights were beautiful I love city lights I think they look so pretty from a distance.

    • Abbey says:

      Grace, the garden was amazing, especially to an Arizonan! The food was delicious and yes, it was a small amount, but I suppose that’s a sign of a fancy restaurant. The lights on the bridge took turns blinking in a pattern so that it looked like they were moving, similar to Christmas lights. Very impressive. Thanks for replying! I love reading your comments!

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