Cold/Hot Arizona

Last week we had a cold snap. The over night lows dipped to 19 degrees F, and the middle of the day only saw the thermometer reach 25 degrees F.  However, it didn’t last long as just yesterday the daily high was 75 degrees F, and today is supposed to be 81!

My little native Arizonian sisters thought they had enough of cold weather and yesterday afternoon decided to play they were “going to the beach.”

at the beach

“It’s too bright!”

It's too bright

It's too bright

Molly Hope

Can you guess where we went to lunch after church?

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6 Responses to Cold/Hot Arizona

  1. Ardyth Rasmussen says:

    Just too cute!!

  2. Carol Newhouse says:

    How cute is that!

  3. Susan Rasmussen says:

    I agree, very cute little girls 🙂 They are having such fun playing outside in this amazingly warm weather!

  4. Grace Norton says:

    They are so cute. Is hope holding a chipotle chip bag in the last pic. Haha so cute 🙂

  5. Grace Norton says:

    That’s cute I love those little chipotle chip bags they are so little:)

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