Jenness Park

This morning, a little after 7, my parents and all my siblings, Lydia, Zack, Jacob, Emily, Steven, Molly and Hope left for CA. They are going to a homeschool family camp in Cold Springs, CA called Jenness Park Christian Camp.  They are stopping in Pasadena, CA on the way for two nights to see my mom’s sister and her family, our Norton cousins.

Normally we have house sitters to take care of our little farm while we are gone. But this time, because we knew our goat was due the day before we were to leave for camp, I decided I would stay home.  We didn’t want to burden anyone with a goat kidding plus the added extra work of milking a third goat twice a day and feeding baby goats 4 times every day.

So, the next 10 days I am house sitting for my parents. With taking care of 3 (soon to be 4 or 5) goats, a dozen chickens, a dog, two cats, a couple of bowls of fish, watering Zack’s garden, and pool maintenance, I shall be kept busy.  Oh, and don’t forget I have a Grandma and Grandpa to take care of…. uh, I mean to help me take care of this property!

I enjoy house sitting; I have a big quiet house all to myself. 🙂

Mom and Dad

Hope already starting on her bag of Cheerios

Molly is in the back with the boys

Zack, Lydia, Emily, Jake, Steven

...And they're off!

Have fun my sweet my family!

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  1. Gabe says:

    I wish we were going too! We’ve been thinking about how exciting your family’s trip should be. I hope they enjoy camp and meet some wonderful people. I hope you will enjoy your week too.

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