A Minecraft Cake

Jacob turned 16 in December.

Our 16 year old!

This is the cake he wanted. It is from the game Minecraft. If you’ve never played the game, the cake doesn’t look like much. But if you have played the game, you’ll appreciate the precise detail Jake and I put into this cake.

Minecraft cakeI baked a chocolate cake, cut it into a square, then frosted the top white.

It has to be square

Jacob placed the red square candies on the cake. And Molly licked the beaters.

Decorating his own cake

birthday boySteven gave Jacob an air soft rifle.

Air Soft Rifle
"Where's my present?"

We have a tradition where the birthday child gives a little party favor to each of his siblings. Emily’s party favor was a little LEGO car set.

Emily's party favorBig brother Zack was out of town the whole month of December and Jacob really missed him, especially on his birthday. Jacob texted Zack right before we lit the candles in hopes that Zack could facetime or skype just then.

Birthday texting

Time for Cake!

Happy Birthday, Jacob!!

I love you!

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