Candy Corn Sugar Cookies

I found this adorable cookie idea on Pinterest. I made them for a Halloween party Hubrich Dental is putting on today.

How to make these cute cookies: (Go to this webpage to get more detailed pictures)

Make a batch of sugar cookies. Split the dough into 3 parts, and dye one part yellow, one part orange, and leave the third part white.

Line a bread loaf pan with plastic wrap. Shape the dough in the pan.

Let dough chill in fridge for 1 to 5 hours. Turn out onto a cutting board. Cut a slice off.

Then cut the slice into triangles.

Bake according to recipe on an ungreased cookie sheet.

Allow cookies to cool completely before arranging on a plate or stacking in a container as they break easily when still warm.

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2 Responses to Candy Corn Sugar Cookies

  1. Susie Rasmussen says:

    So Awesome Abbey! Good Job!!

  2. Grace Norton says:

    Oooh that makes me hungry:)

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