Play Dates are Fun!

Molly often comes with me when I babysit her friends Logan and Eden. For the first time Hope came along, too. The four children had a grand play date, dressing up, playing hide-and-seek, play kitchen and dollies, and Batman protects the girls.

While Hope did enjoy playing with Logan and Eden, I’d have to say her new best friend is their dog, Finley. 🙂

The kids also enjoyed a fun picnic.

Molly and Hope say, “Thank you, Logan and Eden, for sharing your toys and playing with us!”

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3 Responses to Play Dates are Fun!

  1. Carol Newhouse says:

    What a fun day everyone had. love the photo of Hope hugging the dog!

  2. Natalie says:

    L&E loved it too!!

  3. Grace Norton says:

    That picture of hope hugging Finley is ADORABLE!!!

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