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School and family

Here’s a quick update from a teacher in training: I’m now a senior at the U of A, half way done with this semester. I have 5 classes: physical chemistry, biochemistry, plant biochemistry, chemistry discoveries in the classroom, and classroom … Continue reading

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Summer Stuff

This summer I am taking both semesters of Organic Chemistry through Pima Community College, my last two classes before going to the U of A in the fall. Both summer classes are 5 weeks long, 4 days a week, 5 … Continue reading

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An April Birthday

Last week we celebrated my Daddy’s birthday. For dessert we had two Beyond Bread cakes.   I love my Mommy and Daddy! My Grandma and Grandpa Roome We have a tradition where the Birthday person gives everyone else party favors. … Continue reading

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A Minecraft Cake

Jacob turned 16 in December. This is the cake he wanted. It is from the game Minecraft. If you’ve never played the game, the cake doesn’t look like much. But if you have played the game, you’ll appreciate the precise … Continue reading

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Recent projects of mine

Lydia and I made a strip quilt for Nana and Papa Norton before we went to England. We brought it to them as a thank you gift for letting us stay at their house for three weeks. Lydia and I … Continue reading

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A Birthday Cowgirl

Emily’s first presents early in the morning were cowboy boots, the hat and the dress. Mom made Molly and Hope’s dresses and vests. Dad and Mom took Emily out to breakfast. It’s a birthday tradition we have for Mom and … Continue reading

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Birthday Girl and her Friend

My sister Emily turns 13 today! Yesterday, Emily’s friend Meredith came over for a special lunch at R & R cafe. They were served grilled steak, a salad with homemade blue cheese dressing, brie cheese, and pickles. For dessert they … Continue reading

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My Mommy’s Birthday

Two days ago, (July 24) was my Mommy’s birthday. R & R Cafe happened to be open that day, so my parents decided to have dinner there. My Dad gave Mom the roses. My siblings Lydia and Zack are house … Continue reading

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A Birthday in England

Sunday, June 24 was my birthday. A few months ago I was very excited when I learned I’d be celebrating my birthday in England! To get to church we went over Queen Elizabeth’s bridge. You’ll notice that it is only … Continue reading

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First Journey to London

On Saturday we rode the train in to London. We rode the Tube to get to Westminster Abbey, then we walked around sight seeing. We didn’t “do” anything but walking and looking and shoping.  We’ll be going into London a … Continue reading

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