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A New Puppy

We adopted this puppy this past Saturday. We named him Tiger because he will be a friend for our other dog, Kipper. My little sister Hope loves animals. She used to hold our kittens and carry them around everywhere. Even … Continue reading

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What is it??

Friday night we were at some friends house for dinner and a few of us noticed a large creepy crawly thing on the kitchen floor. It looked like a spider because it had 8 legs but it had a HUGE … Continue reading

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An outing to the farm

I baby sat Eden today and I took her back home with me to see the baby goats.  Eden helped feed the babies and enjoyed feeling their fluffy fur. Eden is 2 1/2 years old and I often take my … Continue reading

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Birth Announcement

Out goat, Honey, finally had her babies this afternoon: 2 boys! My grandma named the first one Ginger Bread Boy and we named the second one Quimbly. Ginger Bread Boy: 8lbs Quimbly: 6lbs All day yesterday and today I have … Continue reading

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Day 146

This is Honey. She is an Oberhasli goat. She is almost 6 years old. She and her twin sister, Strawberry, were the first two goats ever to be born on our property. Honey is pregnant and is due next Tuesday, … Continue reading

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